Colonia Technologies is bringing logistics assets into the 21st century.

We believe that the logistics industry will remain the backbone of our economy. We therefore want to equip logistics operators with flexible solutions that makes their business more sustainable, more profitable and easier to operate.

Isn't that a great idea? That's what we think, too. We don't want to keep it to ourselves. With your help, we want to spread it in Germany, Europe, and around the world.


πŸš€ We will be the world's number one provider for logistics assets.

Who we are

Jakob Sadoun - Sales, Sourcing & Marketing

"What I love most about our business? Our customers and the positive feedback we receive when making their lives easier!β€œ

Kaspar Filipp - Finance, Ops & HR

"Let's build a company that is more inclusive and meritocratic than any other company you know"

100% feedback & growth and 0% office politics!

Alvaro Hurtado - Product and Tech

"Are you looking for responsibility and creativity in a fast-growing, technology-driven environment? Then you're at the right place"

How we do business

Our customers are logistics companies. They love us because we provide them with instant access to a vast supply of in-demand assets - for flexible durations. But not only that: We help them manage their fleet or rent out assets in times they don't need them.

We just launched

We have raised pre-seed funding from exceptional investors that have built numerous unicorns. What does that mean for you joining us?

  • We are a small team and any one person joining will be of huge value for us. You will carry tremendous responsibility from day one. Are you ready to make a difference?

  • No ambition is too large for us. Together with us, you can conquer the logistics world step by step

  • We are growing quickly. As one of our first team members, you will have the chance to shape the culture early on

Life at Colonia Technologies

Our job is to make you excited to come to work every day

Two cities, one goal. We are based in both Cologne and Berlin. You can choose between the two cities.

Tired of workplace politics? Then you're right with us. At Colonia, bi-weekly personal feedback for all levels make sure that everybody is transparent and honest with each other.

Work is not everything. We encourage you to dedicate time towards your family, sports, arts, and work in your community.

Diversity does not only make team work more fun, it also leads to better outcomes for our customers. We encourage all genders, sexes, and ethnicities to join Colonia and take leadership positions.

We are a small team. But it won't stay that way. At Colonia, you have the unique opportunity of being part of a quickly expanding company and having your own responsibilities.

The logistics industry is old-fashioned and mostly not digital. We are changing that.

What we are proud of

🌈 Our stance on diversity

  • We embrace all genders and sexual orientation: We love that everybody loves differently. We are actively trying to fill our top positions with all genders.

  • We're anti-racist: Our founder team has a culturally diverse background. We want more of that, so your cultural and religious needs will always be respected.

🎯 Our team spirit

  • No Rules Rules: There are almost no rules at Colonia. You are encouraged to take your own decisions. Through honest feedback, we support each other to become better leaders.

  • People above everything: Most companies put investors first, customers second, and employees third. We do exactly the opposite.

πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Our customers

  • Hard-working: Our clients are usually family-owned SMEs. They work hard every day to put food on the table for their kids. We work even harder to make their lives easier.

  • Different: Our clients operate in a world that has little to do with Silicon Valley or Berlin. They are blue-collar. We appreciate them and treat them no other than Fortune 500 CEOs.

Our network

We are happy to have secured a sizeable pre-seed round from Atlantic Labs, a well-known VC fund that has invested in companies such as Gorillas, SoundCloud and Cluno.

Together, let us build the workplace of our dreams!

- Jakob, Alvaro and Kaspar (founder team)